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Are you sure that your only child gets a goodnight’s sleep once your back is turned and you switch off the lights of his or her bedroom? Do you find your kid awake in the middle of the night when you check on them or do they wake you up because they are scared to be alone in the room? This happens especially with young kids who have recently started sleeping alone in their own room. But, now you can help them get rid of their fear of the dark with their special cuddly companions Dream Lites and also convert their bedroom into a beautiful starlit sky that will really excite them. 

Dream Lites are the latest creation from the Pillow Pets people. I guess their idea of doing a sequel was to insert a night light into a Pillow Pet in order to light up the ceiling of your kid’s room. But usually a plush pillow is something that you might want to lay your head on. 

Dream Lites instantly transforms the bedroom ceiling into an enchanting starry night sky! The whole wonder of the stars is right at your kid’s fingertips; it’s that simple! As soon as you turn off their bedroom lights, all your child has to do is simply turn his Dream Lites on, to see a magical night sky on his ceiling!

The cute and colorful designs – Ms Ladybug, Tardy Turtle, puppy, Magical Unicorn, Fluttery Butterfly, Snuggly Puppy, Zippity Zebra – will definitely please your kid no end. They don’t need electricity to run and work on three AAA batteries. And even if your kid slips into restful sleep you do not have to worry about battery energy wasting since it has inbuilt timer that switches the power off automatically in 20 minutes. It’s fluffy, light and compact at approximately 11? so you can carry it on holidays too.

Now, your kids will happily wait for your call for ‘lights out’! Dream Lites will not only make bedtime an enjoyable time, it will also help your kid to get that much needed peaceful and restoring night’s sleep , making him feel fresh and alert the next day. You won’t have to worry about Dream Lites being left on the whole night because it automatically shuts down after twenty minutes, giving your child sufficient time to fall off to sleep before the room turns dark again
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  • Dream Lites instantly transforms the bedroom ceiling into an enchanting starry night sky!

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